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Elevated+ Inc.


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Who is Elevated Plus?

We are a team of outsourcing professionals who have been serving almost every industry for the past decade: software, healthcare, video games, fitness, travel, eCommerce, retail, finance, entertainment, education, petroleum, fashion, casino gaming, and more.


Our wide range of experience has turned us into a one-stop logistics machine, where our clients can bring their problems and find quick and efficient solutions.

What makes your service on demand?

While most companies like us use a model of subscribing to seats, we wanted to build something more flexible. We understand that needs can change without warning, so you are free to add/remove resources whenever you want. If there is a sudden spike in work, we can instantly deploy more people, then scale down as soon as the workload returns to normal. You only ever pay the same flat, hourly rate for the work performed. 


Because we've built our company in this way, we are also able to quickly start on projects, with extremely little setup. In many cases, we can have your project up and running on the first day you contact us.

What if I need to cancel service?

The on demand aspect of our company means you can cancel whenever you want. We do not lock you into long terms. You are free to come and go as you please. We would rather keep your business by doing good work than by contractual obligation.

Can I subscribe to seats if that's better for me?

In short, yes you can. We understand that some companies have a need for consistency, and there may be situations where a more traditional setup is better. Naturally, we can easily put that in place. We can also supplement with on demand help if that is needed down the road.

What is your availability?

Always. We run 24/7, so we can support your company no matter where it is in the world. In addition, we are constantly expanding to allow us to take on new projects as soon as a client needs us. 


There are a few days throughout the year that we try to give our whole staff a break (e.g. Christmas and New Year's Eve/Day); however, even during these times, we can continue supporting your business if going offline is not an option.

Do I really get 25 free hours? Is there a commitment?

Yes, you really do start with 25 free hours. We do this so you can get a feel for whether or not we're the right fit. It also gives us a little time to learn how to best work with you, without you having to pay for any unforeseen hiccups that occur during on boarding. 


No, there are not any commitments. You could use the 25 free hours then leave without any penalty. Naturally, we rarely have this happen. Our service level is such that our clients stay and recommend us to their colleagues. 

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